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Ian Bauckham

This review of modern foreign languages pedagogy outlines recommendations for secondary school language teachers. The review found less than half of pupils take a GCSE in a language, with only one third of pupils achieving a good GCSE grade in a language. After speaking with teachers, heads, pupils, parents and researchers, the review drew up 15 recommendations for schools, including a commitment from schools to devote two-to-three hours per week on language teaching to avoid gaps between lessons and to help pupils retain knowledge. 

The report called for schools to teach languages in three blocks of 40 to 60-minute lessons per week, arguing that this would allow enough time to cover material including recapitulation, introducing new language and enough time for practice and use. The report also suggests that pupils need to gain early knowledge of the vocabulary, grammar, and sound and spelling systems (phonics) of their new language, and how these are used by speakers of the language.

Taken together, most of the report’s 15 recommendations advocate teachers adopting a clear, planned and sequenced direct teaching of vocabulary, grammar and phonics right from the start of key stage three. The report also includes advice for head teachers and senior leaders, to help them engage with languages teachers and departments and understand the aspects of pedagogy which may improve interest and achievement in languages.

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Ian Bauckham

Published by:
Teaching Schools Council (TSC)

Date of publication:
November 2016

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This report from the Teaching Schools Council provides advice on improving modern foreign languages pedagogy. It may be particularly useful to teachers of modern foreign languages. 

Review of written evidence and school visits.


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Ian Bauckham

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