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An introduction to executive headship - London

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Starts on:27/02/2019 09:00 AM
Ends on:27/02/2019 03:30 PM
Location:Central London, UK


This one day course will focus on the role of the executive head teacher, offering practical advice on how head teachers can formulate a long-term plan to up-skill in preparation for this change in focus and career.

Delegates will reflect on how the role of executive head teacher differs from the role of head teacher in a single school. They will consider how to form a multi-academy trust ensuring it is efficient, effective and financially viable. This course will also consider teaching and support staff structures in more than one school to ascertain whether they are "future proofed" and financially sustainable into the future.

Consideration will be given to multiple school business planning, teaching and support staff structures, and governance. Delegates will have the opportunity to consider how they will develop their existing skills into system leadership skills.

Aims of this course:
• Evaluate the difference between the role of head teacher and executive head teacher
• Discuss the business, staffing and governance structures within a multi-academy trust or federation
• Assess why and how creative workforce deployment across several schools can support schools to achieve improved outcomes and financial viability
• Develop a clear understanding of the senior leadership skills required to develop a system leadership structure
• Develop a clearer understanding of best practice senior leadership, teaching staff and support staff deployment across a multi-academy trust or federation.

Objectives of this course:
• Learn how to analyse the essential elements of effective executive headship
• Evaluate the skills required for delegated system leadership
• Take time to develop a personal training plan
• Develop a plan for business, staffing and governance in a multi-academy trust based on best practice advice.


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