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Dr Nicholas C Soderstrom and Professor Robert A Bjork

In this academic piece the authors set out to prove the difference between learning something, and the performance of learning. Learning, they argue, is the process of discovery and mastery, which often takes place after the performance of learning, which relates more to the act of being instructed. With this understanding, they argue that school classrooms accommodate for the performance of learning, while the process of learning would take place over a longer period of time.

The authors draw on a range of academic literature about different types of learning, which is set out in a dictionary style to help the reader explore the references further. Each ‘entry’ contains a short description of the cited text.

Taken together, the references paint a picture of learning as a process that is more effective when it involves long-term retention and practice, rather than the short term performance of learning that classroom teaching tends to favour. 

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Dr Nicholas C Soderstrom and Professor Robert A Bjork

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Oxford University Press

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This paper helpfully lists publications and research papers related to different types of learning, and aids understanding of how teachers can help pupils retain learning over a long period of time.


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