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Three of the week's headlines ...
How are you going to pay that off? Graduate owes £231,000 on student loan
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Record numbers of pupils in England absent for long periods, DfE data shows
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Girls suffered more academically during Covid
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Three pieces of policy news - by phase
Follow this link to view the full version of Steve Besley's popular policy round-up - including an overview of all the important stories, his top headlines of the week, tweets and posts of note, the most memorable quotes, not-to-be-missed statistics and what to look out for next week.
As your starter for ten, we've chosen three items from each phase below ...
Education in Wales. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IfS) called for reforms to GCSEs in Wales to be delayed, stronger monitoring of pupil performance to be implemented and greater focus given to teaching specific knowledge as it published a challenging report on education in Wales.
Childcare report. The charity Coram published its latest annual Childcare survey showing families struggling with the costs of childcare and the availability of places, and councils facing workforce recruitment challenges, leading to concerns that disadvantaged and disabled children could miss out.
Protecting children. The charity, Action for Children, published the outcomes of its review led by Professor Jay into the criminal exploitation of children, painting a disturbing picture of thousands of young people in the UK at risk of being manipulated by criminal gangs, calling accordingly for a clearer legal code and cohesive local and national action to prevent young people from being coerced in this way.

Teacher R and R. The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) published its latest annual report into the state of teacher recruitment and retention in England, arguing that while there’s been some improvement in recruitment this year, at least ten subjects are likely to face shortages of secondary teachers with workloads, pupil behaviour and pay differentials all factors.
Post-pandemic performance. The Education Policy Institute and Renaissance published the final report in their series using Renaissance Star assessments to see how far pupils have been able to catch up post-pandemic, finding that girls seem to have suffered more than boys and ‘substantial’ gaps remain for SEND pupils, while the picture remains mixed for ethnic groups.
Teacher’s pay. Teaching unions issued a joint call to the School Teachers’ Review Body for ‘a fully funded above RPI inflation pay increase’ as part of a fair national pay structure along with the implementation of all Workload Reduction Taskforce recommendations, as it considers this year’s pay award.

Apprenticeships. The PM announced a range of measures to help increase the number of apprenticeships as part of a package of reforms for SMEs, promising an increase in the apprenticeship budget to over £2.7bn from next year, a doubling of the levy transfer cap to 50%, and the full funding of apprenticeships up to the age of 21 in small businesses from 1 April.
Skill shortages. The EU Commission launched an action plan to help member states tackle labour and skill shortages in the short to medium term and hit 2030 targets, setting out five areas for action including more support for skills training, helping underrepresented people enter the labour market and attracting talent from outside the EU.
ABS response. The Sixth Form Colleges Association published its response to the government’s consultation on the Advanced British Standard (ABS,) challenging the approach and the timing of such reform and putting forward an alternative approach of tackling immediate resourcing issues first before consulting on a wider review of 16-19 qualifications.

In response. The Russell Group countered the latest Sunday Times investigation into admissions practices and international students, pointing out that domestic students were not being squeezed out and that universities were doing a lot to help fund the costs of undergraduate education in the UK.
Funding and quality. The QAA published the latest in its policy series on the future of quality in England looking here at its relationship with funding, acknowledging that funding pressures were making the maintenance of quality increasingly difficult but calling for a collaborative effort to secure funding, monitor its impact and, where appropriate, consider diverse income streams.
Maintenance grants. The Sutton Trust called for the re-introduction of maintenance grants within a more progressive repayment scheme which would see higher income students paying back more and would be cost neutral, as it highlighted the plight of poorer students in a new report.
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Latest research, reports and studies
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Parliament and elsewhere
Education Committee witness session on children’s social care (Tuesday 26 March).
Ofqual’s Annual Qualifications Market Report (Tuesday 26 March).
MPs Easter break (Tuesday 26 March – Monday 15 April).
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Three interesting daily facts
On this day in 1807 the British Parliament abolished the slave trade throughout the British Empire.
On this day in 1960 USS Halibut completed the first successful launch of a guided missile by a nuclear-powered submarine.
On this day in 1975 King Faisal of Saudi Arabia was assassinated by his nephew Prince Faisal bin Musaid.
On this day in 1845 Horace Harrell Day and William H Shecut were awarded a patent for adhesive medicated plaster, a precursor to the Band-Aid.
On this day in 1953 Dr Jonas Salk announced that he had successfully tested a vaccine to prevent polio.
On this day in 2015 Richard III of England was reburied at Leicester Cathedral after being discovered under a carpark in Leicester in 2012.
On this day in 1871 England and Scotland competed in the first international rugby union match at Raeburn Place in Edinburgh.
On this day in 1914 the first successful non-direct blood transfusion was performed by Dr Albert Hustin in Brussels.
On this day in 1980 Norwegian oil rig Alexander L Kjelland collapsed in high winds in the North Sea; only 89 of the 212 crew survived the disaster.
On this day in 1854 Great Britain and France declared war on Russia joining the Ottoman Empire in a conflict that became known as the Crimean War.
On this day in 1910 the first seaplane to take off from water under its own power was piloted by French inventor Henri Fabre.
On this day in 1979 a partial meltdown and radioactive leak at Three Mile Island nuclear plant in the US greatly eroded the public's faith in nuclear power.
On this day in 845 Paris was invaded by Viking raiders who only retreated after being paid a huge ransom in exchange for leaving.
On this day in 1795 Ludwig van Beethoven made his first public appearance as a pianist at a charity concert in Vienna.
On this day in 1974 Chinese farmers discovered the Terracotta Army near Xi'an in China.
Awareness days from around the world
National Bed Month, Marie Curie Great Daffodil Appeal, Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, Dechox, Walk All Over Cancer, Brain Tumour Awareness Month, 100 Miles In March For Mind, Veggie Month.
Deep-Vein Thrombosis Awareness Month, National Irish-American Heritage Month, National Nutrition Month, Mustache March, Brain Injury Awareness Month, Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, National Save Your Vision Month, Red Cross Month, National Athletic Training Month, National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Month, National Brain Injury Awareness Month, National Breast Implant Awareness, Endometriosis Awareness Month, Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, National Kidney Month, Asset Management Awareness Month, National Trisomy Awareness Month, National Social Work Month, National Women's History Month, National Sauce Month, National Noodles Month, National Frozen Food Month, National Flour Month, National Credit Education Month, National Craft Month, National Cheerleading Safety Month, National Celery Month, National Caffeine Awareness Month, National Peanut Month, National Umbrella Month, National Nutrition Month.

The Big Walk and Wheel, Tick Bite Prevention Week, Acupuncture Awareness Week.
National Physicians Week, Fix A Leak Week, Ramadan, March Madness, National Cleaning Week, National Protocol Officer’s Week.
FND Awareness Day.
National Medal Of Honor Day, Tolkien Reading Day, National Lobster Newburg Day, Pecan Day, Holi, Greek Independence Day, International Waffle Day.
Train It Chooseday, National Skipping Day, Purple Day.
Epilepsy Awareness Day, National Nougat Day, National Spinach Day, American Diabetes Association Alert Day, National Science Appreciation Day, Make Up Your Own Holiday Day, Live Long and Prosper Day, Good Hair Day.
World Theatre Day, International Scribble Day, National Little Red Wagon Day, National Spanish Paella Day, National Joe Day, American Red Cross Giving Day, International Whisk(e)y Day, Manatee Appreciation Day, Quirky Country Music Song Titles Day.
Wear A Hat Day, Maundy Thursday.
National Triglycerides Day, National Black Forest Cake Day, National Something On A Stick Day, National Weed Appreciation Day, Barnum & Bailey Day, Major League Baseball Opening Day, International Women in Music Day, Respect Your Cat Day.
Good Friday, National Vietnam War Veterans Day, National Pita Day, National Nevada Day, National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day, National Mom And Pop Business Owners Day, National Smoke and Mirrors Day, International Mermaid Day, World Piano Day, Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day, PayDay It Forward.
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