Nudge: improving decisions about health, wealth and happiness
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Dr Richard H Thaler and Professor Cass Sunstein

Nudge is a book about the unconscious factors that effect the choices people make in everyday life. It attempts to explain how people think, make decisions, and behave, arguing that the key to helping people improve their thinking and decision making, and identifying and countering unhelpful influences, is understanding why people may choose things that are ultimately bad for them. 

Though not explicitly about education, the theories presented can be related to both pupil behaviour and recent education policy. With 'choice' in education having been one of the driving mantras of education policy over the last three decades, Nudge proves an intriguing counter to the idea that parents and pupils are able to make objective choices about where and how they will receive the best education experience. 

It may also offer answer for those wondering why pupils may 'choose' to act in a way that is disruptive to not just their education, but other pupils' as well. Though its broad focus means it cannot provide straightforward answers, Nudge will present an interesting perspective for both teachers and policy markers. 

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Dr Richard H Thaler and Professor Cass Sunstein

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Taking a broad theory of why people make certain decisions Nudge will interest those working on education policy, especially in the area of 'parent choice'. It will also interest professionals who wonder why pupils - or parents and colleagues - choose to act in certain ways. 


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