Addressing achievement gaps with psychological interventions
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Doctor David Yeager, Doctor Gregory Walton and Professor Geoffrey Cohen

This short research articles suggests that psychological interventions should complement – not try to replace – traditional educational reforms. The authors argue that teachers should look beyond how they communicate content to pupils, and towards understanding and developing how pupils experience school. They suggest that understanding what school feels like for different pupils can lead to sometimes hidden, but often powerful, interventions.

One such example they cite is teaching pupils that intelligence can be developed with hard work and good strategies, which can help pupils view struggles in school not as a threat to their ability, but as an opportunity to develop and learn, fostering a growth mindset.

They also suggest that social-belonging interventions can convey the positive message that almost all pupils worry about belonging at some point, with values affirmation interventions presenting pupils with opportunities to reflect on their personal values, which can help to bring them a sense of belonging and identity. 

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Doctor David Yeager, Doctor Gregory Walton and Professor Geoffrey Cohen

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Kappan Magazine

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This short research articles identifies psychological interventions that can complement academic interventions to improve pupil outcomes and raise achievement. It may interest educators looking to adopt an evidence-based approach to their teaching. 


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