Date of publication: April 2017
Published by: Peps Mccrea
Author(s): Peps Mccrea
£: Free
Date of publication: September 2014
Published by: National College for Teaching and Leadership
Author(s): Julie Lilly, Alison Peacock, Sue Shoveller and Dr d’Reen Struthers
£: Free
Date of publication: 2013
Published by: University of Missouri
Author(s): Dr Beth Winton
£: Free
Date of publication: April 2014
Published by: American Educational Research Association
Author(s): Professor Dylan Wiliam
£: Free
Date of publication: January 2016
Published by: Dutton - Penguin USA
Author(s): Dr R. Douglas Fields
£: Paid
Date of publication: 2009
Published by: Routledge
Author(s): Professor Kathryn Ecclestone and Professor Dennis Hayes
£: Paid
Date of publication: November 2016
Published by: John Catt Educational
Author(s): Katharine Birbalsingh
£: Paid

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