Date of publication: June 2015
Published by: Crown House Publishing
Author(s): Shaun Allison and Andy Tharby
£: Paid
Date of publication: September 2017
Published by: John Catt Bookshop
Author(s): Carl Hendrick, Robin Macpherson
£: Free
Date of publication: March 2017
Published by: Aspen Institute
Author(s): Doctor Hillary Johnson and Ross Wiener
£: Free
Date of publication: March 2016
Published by: Department for Education (DfE)
Author(s): Department for Education
£: Free
Date of publication: October 2014
Published by: Sutton Trust and Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring
Author(s): Professor Robert Coe, Cesare Aloisi, Professor Steve Higgins and Dr Lee Elliot Major
£: Free
Date of publication: September 2012
Published by: Lightning Source Inc
Author(s): David Burgess
£: Paid
Date of publication: October 2017
Published by: John Catt Educational
Author(s): Tom Sherrington
£: Free
Date of publication: February 2017
Published by: Oxford University Press
Author(s): Daisy Christodoulou
£: Paid

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