Date of publication: October 2016
Published by: Mathematica Policy Research
Author(s): Doctor Alexandra Resch, Gregory Chojnacki, Alma Vigil, Ignacio Martinez and Steve Bates
£: Free
Date of publication: 18 March 2014
Published by: John Wiley and Sons
Author(s): Professor Michael Fullan
£: Paid
Date of publication: 2013
Published by: Dyslexia-SpLD Trust
Author(s): Professor Greg Brooks
£: Free
Date of publication: 2013
Published by: Constructing Modern Knowledge Press
Author(s): Sylvia Lebow Martinez and Dr Gary Stager
£: Paid
Date of publication: March 2011
Published by: Sage Publications
Author(s): Bill Rogers
£: Paid
Date of publication: February 2016
Published by: Learning Sciences International (LSI)
Author(s): Professor Dylan Wiliam
£: Paid
Date of publication: 1960
Published by: Hart Publishing
Author(s): Alexander Sutherland Neill
£: Paid
Date of publication: January 2013
Published by: Association for Psychological Science
Author(s): Professor John Dunlosky, Professor Katherine Rawson, Professor Elizabeth J. Marsh, Professor Mitchell Nathan and Professor Daniel Willingham
£: Free

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