Date of publication: October 2015
Published by: Strategic Society Centre (SSC)
Author(s): Gordon Cameron and James Lloyd
£: Free
Date of publication: January 2015
Published by: American Journal of Public Health
Author(s): Dr Cara L. Booker, Dr Alexandra J. Skew, Dr Yvonne J. Kelly and Dr Amanda Sacker
£: Free
Date of publication: November 2015
Published by: Demos
Author(s): Louis Reynolds and Jonathan Birdwell
£: Free
Date of publication: October 2015
Published by: Wellington College and Harvard Graduate School of Education
Author(s): Dr Christina Hinton and Dr Carl Hendrick
£: Free
Date of publication: 2011
Published by: New York Free Press
Author(s): Dr Martin Seligman
£: Paid
Date of publication: January 2013
Published by: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Author(s): Paul Tough
£: Paid
Date of publication: 1997
Published by: Perseus Books Group
Author(s): Professor Ellen J Langer
£: Paid
Date of publication: March 2016
Published by: World Health Organisation (WHO)
Author(s): Jo Inchley, Dorothy Currie, Taryn Young et al.
£: Free

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