Date of publication: January 2013
Published by: American Educator
Author(s): Professor John Dunlosky
£: Free
Date of publication: Spring 2012
Published by: American Educator
Author(s): Professor Barak Rosenshine
£: Free
Date of publication: January 2009
Published by: Nelson Thornes - Oxford University Press
Author(s): Geoff Petty
£: Paid
Date of publication: Spring 2014
Published by: American Federation of Teachers
Author(s): Pedro De Bruyckere, Dr Paul A. Kirschner and Dr Casper D. Hulshof
£: Free
Date of publication: April 2017
Published by: Economics of Education Review
Author(s): Professor Richard W. Patterson
£: Paid
Date of publication: September 2015
Published by: Bloomsbury Publishing
Author(s): Ross Morrison McGill
£: Paid
Date of publication: December 2014
Published by: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
Author(s): Dr Tim Kautz, Professor James J. Heckman, Professor Ron Diris, Professor Bas ter Weel and Professor Lex Borghans
£: Free
Date of publication: August 2011
Published by: Centre Forum
Author(s): Chris Peterson
£: Free

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