Achieving a research-focused education profession

Achieving a research-focused education profession

Many teachers struggle with the idea of connecting their own practice to the latest educational research.

How many consciously set aside time to discover and digest research, browse the latest education publications and research oriented blogs or discuss research with their peers?

This answer is probably - not many. Even given the many time pressures, education leaders likewise attach surprisingly low value to the use of research.

A recent survey, Firing on all Cylinders by Teaching Leaders found that while 74% of middle leaders in schools rated leading teaching and learning in their school as important to their job, only 15% make the connection with utilising research and evidence and deem these as important.

Yet teaching - like medicine - is a profession. The expectation is that professionals develop their skills and improve their practice, drawing on the best and most up to date evidence of the most effective interventions.

Professor John Hattie would not be impressed. His books on Visible Learning for Teachers (2008 and 2012) make interesting reading.

So lets help out a bit here ...

Firstly, there's a wealth of useful up to date research available via EdCentral (you or your schools will need an EdProfessional subscription). Simply type in a keyword - which can be any issue or challenge you're working on - and check out the range of research available. Each one comes with a handy synopsis to help you find what's most relevant to you. 

Secondly, we've identified seven of the best, most research-focused bloggers. Each of these have taught in the classroom themselves and they each offer useful insights into the relevance of high quality research to the practising professional.

The Confident Teacher Alex Quigley Director of Learning and Research at Huntington Secondary School, York

The Learning Spy David DidauEnglish teacher, author and award winning blogger

Improving Teaching Harry Fletcher Wood Teacher and researcher

The Echo Chamber A compendium of blogs, many on research, run by teacher, Andrew Old

Filling the Pail Greg AshmanTeacher practising in Australia

Evidence-Based Educational Leadership Gary Jones Expert in education management and research

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